No matter if you have a dollar, a million or a billion bucks in the bank, you want to make sure you have more tomorrow — or at least don’t lose it.

Launching for Success, Viral Adoption

So, how do you decide where to put your money and time in launching a new product — whether investing in sustainable seafood, the latest healthy beverage or a new app?

Take a page from Litespeed Ventures where Jeremy Liew noted a simple secret. The most successful apps on the web have been powered by women. Not necessarily venture founders, but women who often comprise 70% of users.

Image Garry Knight / Flickr

Image Garry Knight / Flickr

In Facebook alone, 77% of US internet accessing women use its social web;  only 66% of men use it. On Pinterest, 43% of internet-enabled women use its visual power; only 16% of men.

Data: Pew Research Center

Data: Pew Research Center

What would you think about Twitter?  More engaging for women than men?  Not true, it is an exception with 3% more of its population is male.   And flashy SnapChat?  Yes, women are 70% of its users.  Just a reminder, Twitter is now adrift, looking for acquirers; in contrast, SnapChat has rebuffed offers from both Facebook and Google.

Califia Farms

So, whether it’s photo or food, encouraging the participation of women users will return rewards faster than targeting men.  Think it only applies to the web?  How about Annie’s Homegrown, Plum Organics, Califia mention but a few.

1.  When launching a new item, conduct your research with a readable number of women in your sample.
2. Make sure you’re reading consumers who are active in your category — or would consider your product.
3. Test, iterate, test, listen and respond. And don’t rush it until you’re ready.

FYI, here’s the original article from Quartz