Wiest & Co. provides market-tested innovative services
– Consumer insights / market research
– New product market development
– Go to market strategy
– International growth strategy and implementation
– Domestic and international broker management
– Venture validation and current situation analysis

Consumer insights / market research

Wiest & Co. provides a wide range of research tools -- custom designed to meet your specific information needs.

Experienced, Fast, Reliable

We focus on your information objectives, the decisions you’re contemplating, your timing and budgetary requirements.

For more information go to our Marketing Insights page.

New Product Development and Launch

Call us to talk about your new product situation. High performing, high growth firms stoke their success with a steady, disciplined development stream of new products. We can help -- with techniques and systems.

Solutions Scaled to Your Category

Read more about our:
– Scoping / observational research
– New product concept evaluations
– Product testing / User testing / Taste testing
– Packaging communications & positioning
– Choice modeling / competitive choice
– Sales & distribution strategy
– Supply chain planning
and much more.

International Growth Strategy

Are you considering growth outside your home market? Not sure about how to screen and prioritize international inquiries? How can you realize your brands full long term potential without jeopardizing short term profits?

Tap the Network

Ask us about:
– International opportunity assessment
– Product localization
– International INCO terms, transportation, customs brokers
– Pricing and duty
– In-market promotion management
– USDA programs for 50% reimbursement of approved marketing expenses
– Low capital expansion options

Venture Validation and Current Situation Analysis

Over the years, we have worked with top consulting firms the world over. We provide objective outside counsel, casting a discerning eye to identifying opportunities and challenges -- in projects that might be stranded in your enterprise. With a systematic analytic process, we begin to reveal the opportunity, and with your authoriztion can actively assemble a qualified team to execute a thoroughly rationalized launch plan.

Are you 'stuck'?

Call us to confidentially discuss your situation.
Wiest, along with partners in Europe, Australia and Asia have disciplined processes and tools to de-risk ventures or candidly call for venture wind up.

– Proven process for venture validation
– Custom financial models
– A variety of market assessment tools
– Extensive category expert network

Why Choose Us

– Consultants with decades of experience
– Broad industry expertise
– Fast deployment with no training time or expense
– International network of proven resources
(culinary development, specialty foods,
public relations, design, photography, copy writers, media and branding)

Wiest & Co., with more than 30 years of marketing, consumer insights and new product launch experience, we are skilled listeners first.

In addressing client needs in many categories, we know that there are no ‘cookie cutter’ solutions.

Ask us about our work in:
– Consumer technology
– Telecommunications, B2B technology and services- Food and beverage
– Natural, organic and Non-GMO products and channels
– Wine and spirits
– Restaurants and hospitality.